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Dental Care Before it is Too Late

Even if you are the type of person who gets regular dental check-ups and cleanings, you can still come down with some serious dental problems. This can be costly and uncomfortable. Worse still, if you let a dental problem go on for too long, you can lose teeth and damage the bones in the jaw. This is not a pretty situation and it will eventually require dental prosthetics. It is best to catch these problems sooner than later so you can keep your teeth.

Methods to Save Teeth

There are many solutions a dentist can use to repair teeth with serious cavities or places where teeth had to be extracted. While dental implants are an option, there are other procedures which can be used first. Your trusted Brookly dentist will be able to help.

·    The root canal is probably the most popular procedure used to save teeth. It is done when a tooth is not able to be saved by any other means. The tooth will either have to be extracted or a root canal must be done. This involves a removal of infected tooth areas, along with the root nerves. Then, a stage is made for a crown and you get a crown.

·    A bridge is another way to restore a lost tooth. This is done when only a single tooth is missing between other teeth. A “bridge” is created to attach to adjacent teeth and a fake tooth is placed firmly on the bridge. You can’t tell the difference between that and your own tooth.

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·    If you are prone to cavities, there is a way for dentists to prevent them from getting cavities. It is called “sealing” the teeth. Dentists use a material that seals all the tiny cracks in the teeth to prevent cavities from starting. This method is very popular among dentists to prevent cavities.